Submit Your “Trayvon Story”

This is a space for people who’ve experienced the prejudice that men and boys of color face, to share their stories about a night (or day) that they were in Trayvon Martin’s position. Please share with us:

1) your personal “Trayvon Story” about being racially profiled and how that incident made you feel; and

2) your thoughts about the Trayvon Martin incident, and what you want done about it, and by whom.

Note: To include an image with your story (for example, a photo of you wearing a hoodie in solidarity with others outraged by this crime, or a photo simply of you doing an everyday activity), click on “Submit a Text Post“ below and change your selection to “Submit a Photo”, upload your file, and then post your text within the caption.

Submissions will be moderated to prevent abuse of this forum. Your name and e-mail may be required to post, but will not be published with your submission.

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